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We took our iconic FS-15 Jeep Front Bumper and introduced several improvements. We drastically reduced overall weight while maintaining the same standards in strength and protection. The overall fit and...


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We took our iconic FS-15 Jeep Front Bumper and introduced several improvements. We drastically reduced overall weight while maintaining the same standards in strength and protection. The overall fit and finish was improved, and JL/JT models no longer require a bumper adapter.

This stubby Jeep front bumper was designed for performance and protection while on the trail. Its high clearance design is suited for anything from easy to the most advanced OHV trails. The winch mount can fit multiple winch sizes, including most 12,000lb winches. Couple this with dual 1-inch thick D-ring mounts for ¾-inch shackles, and you have ample options for just about any recovery situation. The heavy duty bull bar protects both the winch and grille from light debris such as brush or small branches. The FS-15 works great in conjunction with our SPJL-02 Sway Bar Disconnect Skid Plate to provide solid front end protection when crawling over rocky obstacles. 

This bumper features mounting points for factory 4-bolt style 4-inch fog lights, enabling you to retain the OEM feature. The bull bar is capable of mounting either dual light pods or our 13-inch Elite Series Light Bar. Installation on JL/JT models is a strictly bolt-on process, but please note that JK models require trimming or removal of the plastic trim cover.

Key Features:

  • Stubby Jeep Front Bumper
  • Works Great with our Sway Bar Skid Plate
  • Fits Multiple Size Winches and Most 12k lb Winches
  • 1” Thick D-Ring Mounts that Accept ¾” Shackles (⅞” Pin)
  • Heavy Duty Bull Bar to Protect the Winch/Grille from Light Debris
  • High Clearance Design for Ultimate Approach Angles
  • An Updated Design of our Iconic DV8 FS-15

Lighting Options:


Model Fit
Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018.

Trimming or removal of the plastic trim cover required.

Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-2023
Jeep Gladiator JK 2020-2023

Technical Specifications
  • Fitment Notes: Trimming or removal of the plastic trim cover required on 07-18 Wrangler JKs
  • Material: 2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, and 5mm Steel Plate. 3mm Steel Tube.
  • Finish: Micro-Texture Black Powder Coat
  • Fits with Adaptive Cruise Control: Yes
  • Fits Factory Skid Plate: Yes
  • Fits Factory Fog Lights: Yes
  • Works with Factory Sensors: No
  • Installation Notes: Estimated 3 hour install.

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